2004 Volvo V50 ID-276830 Details

# Car ID 276830 Internal Record ID
Make Volvo The name of car maker
Model V50 Model of a car
Production Year 2004 The year of production
Type Vehicle Body Type
Paint Main color group from the exterior color.
Transmission Man Type of Transmission: detailed description
Engine Power 103 The power of engine in HP
Engine Displacement 2435 The displacement of an engine in Liters
Fuel Gasoline Dominant type of fuel ingested by the vehicle.
Door Count 4 The amount of doors in a car
Seat Count 5 The amount of seats in a car
Mileage 253000 mi. Mileage of a vehicle in Miles
Price € 3501.3 Price of a vehicle in EURO
VIN Check Vehicle Identification Number is a unique encoded string for every vehicle.
Date Created 2015-12-01 18:03:35.106359+00 The year of production
Date Last Seen 2015-12-31 16:35:19.827691+00 The year of production

Recalls are a well-established global practice; from time to time they are announced by almost all manufacturers of not only cars, but also any other industrial products. But since a car is considered a source of increased danger, it is recalls in the automotive industry that attract the most attention and cause the greatest resonance. Check if your car is covered by a recall campaign. Sometimes manufacturers will recall their cars because of substandard parts or workmanship and repair them for free, regardless of the warranty. This is called a recall campaign. More information on 2004 Volvo V50 recalls can be found in this database. It may be useful to use online problems resource that shows automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by vehicle owners. The problems are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, component, and specific issue. See also an updated list of 2004 Volvo V50 problems before buying a used car. In most cases, the recall is initiated by the manufacturer. But it also happens that it is forced to do so. The largest and most scandalous recall campaigns were those that were initiated by complaints and lawsuits from consumers through controlling state structures.

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